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How to Download and Install Latest iOS 13 on iPhone and iPod

How to Install iOS 13 on iPhone and iPod
After being in the beta testing for two months, iOS 13 final build is finally available to download and install. This new iOS OS has some cool features that make this OS much more exciting for iPhone and iPod users to install....

How to Download Movies and TV Series From Netflix for Offline Viewing

How to Download Movies and TV shows from Netflix
There is nothing better than laying on a couch and being watching all the episodes of Strangers Things, or Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Streaming Netflix shows requires a decent internet connection, but what if you are someplace where accessing...

How to Get Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp Desktop Dark mode Mac
The dark mode is the new trend among smartphone and computer users. It makes everything look beautiful while giving less strain to your eyes as well as saving your battery. For this same reason, many apps and service providers have implemented dark...

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Enable WhatsApp dark mode on Android and iOS
WhatsApp is leading the world instant messaging platform with well over a billion active users. WhatsApp messaging is popular in developing countries like India and Brazil. It is the go-to messaging app for many people, and that is understandable. According to a...

How to Add/Put Music on iPhone Without iTunes

Learn how to put music on iPhone without using iTunes
iPhone is a great device; no one can argue with that. But sometimes Apple doesn't want to give you the freedom which other device makers give. Take music, for example. By default, iTunes is your only bet to add music to your...

GrabTheBeast Not Working? Best Grab The Beast Alternatives Sites to Download Free TV Series in HD

Grab The Beast is among the top free TV series download sites to download free TV series from the intent. It requires no registration and offers Tv show episodes to be downloaded in SD, HD, and Full HD. The TV library of...